Specifications of our trucks

Truck types

The dimensions of the motor in line with local regulations governing the national transport of refrigerated trucks.

Type trailer (Sliding)

A truck which is connected the front axle of the trailer coupling through Selma. So the train has a hinge point in the coupling of a trailer and a hinge point in Selma coupling, facilitating cornering.


It consists of a trailer without loading surface and an (alternating) semitrailer. The trailer does not convey products, but pulls the trailer carrying the products.


With fortotaxi 6,8,10,12 pallets capacity and portability with controlled temperature.

Fleet Management System

Also watch our fleet with the new management system and fleet tracking recently installed in our cars. Thus we are able to precisely know the course and position of each car individually in real time. With special sensors installed in our trucks, we have at any time the information:

  1. if a door is opened,
  2. the cold store temperature, alarm when it is outside the target range,
  3. the truck speed
  4. place and time and duration of stops
  5. working hours of drivers, ie how many hours have led.


1. For type trailers trucks, capacity: 33 eur – pallets on a level loading.
2. For type trucks towing a trailer (towed) minimum capacity for both parties: 36 euro – pallets on a level loading.

Hydraulic doors (ramps)

All our vehicles have hydraulic doors (ramps) on the back of their ability to lift 2,500 Kg

Freeze chamber

The cold storage of cars are made in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations governing the transport of goods, which require cooling and especially the food (A. T. F.) – (F. R. C.)

Approval Fitness

All our trucks have refrigerators suitability approval of the general development direction & amp; veterinary steering control.

Double coolers

They are equipped with double coolers to provide portability to three different temperatures.

Temperature recorder

They have electronic art temperature logger.

Excellent condition

The mechanical condition of our trucks is excellent as always we carry out the necessary service and controls.

Liability insurance

All our cars are covered by liability insurance and everything prescribed by law.

Insurance of goods

The transported goods are insured with coverage against all risk clause (Clause A London insurers) quality deterioration and strikes in Greece recognized the insurance companies.

Loading crane

Trade Tipper which have the ability to load from above with a crane from behind.


Our fleet personnel are equipped with special safety shoes as well as special vests with reflective elements (phosphorus) in order to safeguard their safety and bystanders in any work of our employees.
The company structure ensures on the one hand flexibility and speed of response to the requirements of each customer, on the other hand can be adapted to a highly competitive market.